January 2, 2022 – Do I have a bucket list road trip?

3 Jan

I have never dreamed of going on a road trip by car. It is too cramped for me. I have dreamed about traveling across the country on a train and having a great adventure. Amtrak’s California Zephyr starts in Chicago and over two days travels through Nebraska, thunders by the Rocky Mountains and works its way through Utah rock country and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I would do it in style in a superliner bedroom with a restroom and a shower for my added comfort as I ride along taking in the spectacular sights. I am told that cell phone and Wi-Fi service is spotty which excites me. I am already imagining reading a real book and writing in a journal I can fill with the photos I take from my window.

Did I mention that I would take the trip without a companion. I wish to have all the time I need to write in my journal, read a good book or two and maybe even start a short story about an older woman who is traveling across the country to start a new life in California with a cousin she has never met in person. That sounds corny even to me, but I have learned over the years that what starts out as a corny idea sometimes evolves into a darn good story. After all, you have to start somewhere!

To summarize, my ideal road trip is a cross country train trip where I can take in the breathtaking views, read real books and write in my journal to which I will add photos I take along the way. I almost forgot to add I would work on a short story rooted in my own life and imagination. #bloganuary.

January 1, 2022 — Dear Teenage Self:

1 Jan

Today is the first day of January in the year 2022. I have been prompted to write about what advice I would give to my teenage self. I was a teenager so many years ago that many of my readers were decades from being born. Things were very different then. We did not have cell phones or computers in our homes. we did not have the internet. If we wanted to research or learn about something we opened our encyclopedias or spent the day or even days in the library reading books and magazines we found by consulting the card catalogue. But enough of ancient history. I am here to talk to my teenage self. As I sat down to write this I thought it would be packed full with a laundry list of tips and warnings, but it turns out that the best advice I could give myself is to live the best life possible and do not linger on the regrets that waste so much time. Everything we do in our life adds meaning to our story and keeps us moving forward toward the final pages. I would encourage my teenage self to remain curious and keep learning at every phase of life. To sort of quote a famous baseball player (Yogi Berra), life is not over until it is over. Life is meant to be lived even when it is problematic and even when it is heart wrenching. Keep the book of your life open and the pen at hand. Never stop writing, never ever stop writing. #bloganuary.

Hello world!

27 Jun

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Happy blogging!